Caviar & Champagne Wine Dinner

 Caviar Giaveri

Caviar Giaveri & Champagne Wine Dinner
Presented by Nelson Chow, Chairman Hong Kong Sommelier Association, and Stefano Balsamo, Head Chef of The Italian Club Group


Nelson Chow, Chairman Hong Kong Sommelier Association

Join us on December 8, 2022 - 7pm at The Italian Club Seafood Wine Bar for a one-of-its-kind Wine Dinner with Italy's oldest Caviar producer Giaveri and The Italian Club's selection of Fine Champagnes.

Each Course will be anticipated by the tasting of the caviar alone in the traditional way, on your hand. 

6 Giaveri Caviar Tasting + 6 Giaveri Caviar Course + 6 Champagne
HKD 2,680 + 10% Service Charge

24 Seats Available




Caviar Beluga Siberian Giaveri

1. Cauliflower Cream, Sicilian Tuna Loin Tartare, Caviar Giaveri Siberian, Pure Gold 24k
Champagne Christian Etienne Tradition

2. Hokkaido Scallop gratin, Caviar Giaveri Siberian-Beluga, Alba Black Truffle
Champagne Joly Brut Blanc de noirs

3. Linguini Japanese Uni, Sour Cream, Caviar Giaveri Sevruga Imperial
Champagne Brut Christian Etienne millesime 2012


Caviar Giaveri Golden Sterlet

4. Orbetello Sea-bream fillet, Pure Gold, Potato Crust, Caviar Giaveri Golden Sterlet
Champagne Henri Emile Brut Blanc de Noirs Premier Cru

Caviar Giaveri Beluga Imperial
5. Blue Tuna Belly, Caviar Giaveri Beluga Imperial
Champagne Christian Etienne Brut Rosè

6. 50 Years Aged Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Panna Cotta, Pure Gold 24k
Champagne Joly Satis Rosè

HKD 2,680 per Guest + 10% Service Charge

24 Seats Available